Friday, July 13, 2012

Magazine Freebies - August Issue

In Easons during the week I picked up three magazine, Elle, Marie Claire and Harper's Bazaar. As I said in my previous magazine post I would never pick up these usually but there were some gorgeous freebies this month. I couldn't let them get away could I?

 In Harper's Bazaar there was a Neom Organic Hand Cream. This was the priciest magazine of the bunch at €6 but I'd heard so many great things about the brand I caved and bought it. There is two scents to choose from, I went for Inspiration Violet, Chamomile & Cedarwood. At first I wasn't too gone on it to be honest but I've gotten use to the scent. It is quite nice but wouldn't be something I'd go out buy after I finish this one. The handcream itself is lovely and sinks into the skin right away, I'll probably bring this on holiday with me and use it up. The lovely Mila Kunis is looking gorgeous as always on the Elle cover. I loved her interview in the magazine it was such a great read.  A St Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturer mini was included with this magazine. At 75ml, it's definitely not too shabby a sample either. I got a full size of this as a gift ages ago and I love it, I've been using it so much over the Summer. As it's a gradual tan, I just pop it on at night before bed and I wake up I have lovely natural glow what more could I ask for? Last but not least I picked up Marie Claire. Whenever I get this magazine I always skip straight to the beauty pages. I have so many I want that moments, I usually end up with a wish list the size of my arm. There was a choice of three Avon mascara with this month's magazine, I went for Super Shock Max which I've yet to try. I hope I made the right decision has anyone tried it? Come to think of it I've hardly ever bought everything from Avon, I need to fix this soon I think.

Have you picked up any of these magazines?



  1. There's some really awesome freebies in magazines this month :)

    The Style Diagnostic

  2. Hi Laura, I'm a somewhat new reader from the U.S. and really enjoyed this post as magazines aren't usually sold with freebies in the U.S. (but the magazines are also cheaper here). It looks like you found some good stuff, thanks for sharing!


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