Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Leona Lewis Live Stream Gig Event at The Body Shop

Tonight I was lucky enough to attend an event in The Body Shop on Grafton Street. I headed along with my college buddy Serena, we braved the miserable snow to get into town on time. The Body Shop recently announced Leona Lewis as their new brand activist and I couldn't have chosen anyone better myself. I'm a big fan of her music and she's just a down to earth girl like the rest of us. The event itself was also celebrating the launch of her new cruelty-free makeup and fragrance collection for The Body Shop. We were treated to a live stream performance from the lady herself and it was brilliant. She sang two of my favourite songs, Trouble and Bleeding Love. I really enjoyed the live stream gig and Leona looked stunning. Her new collection from The Body Shop consists of two shimmer palettes, the fragrance White Musk Libertine, a blusher brush and a four gorgeous shades of lip gloss. My favourite product of the bunch from the collection is the Bronze Shimmer palette. The packaging is beautiful, it contains such gorgeous neutral shades. The palette itself is for the face but I think you'd get away with using this on the eyes too during the Summer months. This whole collection is going to go down a storm once it hits stores. I know I'll be first in line.
Before the event started I had a good look around at all the lovely products that The Body Shop have to offer. I've always loved their range of products and I blog about them quite a bit on here. Six months ago, The lovely store on Grafton Street got a revamp which has made browsing even easier. The layout is beautiful, I personally love it  as everything has it's own special place and is sectioned into makeup, skincare, gifts etc. Another exciting launch from The Body Shop that is making a overdue comeback is the Brazil Nut product line. I love this range so I was so excited to see that it was being relaunched in the new packaging. The product itself used Community Fair Trade Brazil Nut Oil so it's always good to hear that something is given back. The Body Shop has also launched the new Vitamin E BB cream that I had a good look at tonight. Surprisingly I haven't hopped on the band wagon for this craze yet but after seeing this product it may have changed my mind. It's very natural looking and it gives a lovely glow to the skin. Keep your eyes peeled you may see this on the blog after payday. Lastly the brand added a few new products to their ever popular Honey Bronze range. I love the bronzer from this collection, it's perfect for everyday and it comes in a couple of different shades. New products coming soon from the Honey Bronze collection is a new Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil  shade and a gorgeous Shimmer Lip Balm. The latter is definitely on my Wish List!
The new Leona Lewis collection launches in stores on Thursday 4th April (not too long to wait!) while your there checking out the new products why not sign the Cruelty Free International pledge. Throughout the month The Body Shop will be hoping to get one million signatures to end animal testing worldwide. If you can't make it into a store you can also sign the pledge online here. They already covered Europe now lets make it the world, every signature counts!

What do you think of the Leona Lewis collection for The Body Shop?



  1. You are oing to so many events! Lucky gal. You make me wanna go itomy local shop and get some products.

  2. Hi Laura, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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