Sunday, March 10, 2013

A little bit of Music - Homeboy Sandman at the Sugar Club

Last night I went along to my first Underground Hip Hop gig at the Sugar Club. I went to see Jay Z at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground two years ago but that was a much bigger scale concert than this one. I went with Paddy as he is really into this genre of music, he even writes for a well known  Hip Hop website. I bought these tickets for Paddy's Valentines Day present last month, I was surprised the gig came around so fast. He was really upbeat and excited about going, I on the other hand wasn't too sure what to expect from it. Homeboy Sandman isn't an artist I'd be familiar with at all. From what Paddy told me before the gig, Homeboy Sandman hails from Queens, New York and he's quite a popular Underground Hip Hop act. I'll listen to just about anything, you just have to see the selection of music on my Ipod to notice this but I'd never heard of this artist before.
We headed over to the Sugar Club at around 8pm when the doors opened. I went into town extremely early so to kill some time we went to see Broken City. It's such a brilliant film I'd definitely recommend it if you love Mark Wahlberg movies like I do, which is a lot. Russell Crowe also stars in this movie which I presume was filmed around the same time as Les Miserables. He couldn't look more different in this movie he plays a permatan New York City Major a far cry from   his performance as Javert. The venue itself was pretty nice, it's all seated which I definitely prefer for smaller gigs. The Sugar Club have amazing cocktails, seeing as they were only €5 I took advantage of it. 
Of course in the time leading up to the support act taking to the stage Paddy and I took some funny pictures, the result is the above picture. I caught the boy striking a pose, don't think he'll be too happy seeing this up here. After watching Butter for a little under two hours, Homeboy Sandman took to the stage at just before 11pm. Pretty late for a gig to start but he certainly got the crowd going right away with his charisma. I ended up really enjoying the gig, it went on for just over a hour. It only spotted because another act was due to go on after him which was a shame as I know the crowd would of stayed to listen to more. After going along to his show, I'll definitely be looking into his music more. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets added to my Ipod playlist.

When Paddy and I were leaving the venue post gig we ran into the man himself , Homeboy Sandman signing merchandise. He was such a ace bloke and unbelieveably nice. Paddy bought his CD to get signed, he goes to a lot of these sort of gigs so he's built quite the collection of signed merchandise. He was going to get a tshirt but they only had a S and XXL left which would either be way too small or way too big. I didn't buy anything as I'll probably just get a loan of the CD off Paddy at some point or another. I did get my ticket signed though and a cheeky picture avec Paddy and Homeboy Sandman.


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