Sunday, December 30, 2012

What I Got For Christmas - The 2012 Edition!

Christmas time has come and gone already, now we have New Years to look forward to. Before I get too ahead of myself I thought I'd show you guys some of the gifts I got over Christmas. I wasn't expecting so much this year, I'm so delighted with everything I got. This year was definitely the year of haircare bits and candles! As you probably all know the weather has been horrible lately, gloomy and wet comes to mind, so I had to use the flash in some of the pictures below hope you don't mind too much.
My parents bought me the Remington Pro Volume Heated Brush, this was my surprise gift and I hadn't been expecting it at all. I've used it twice since I got it and so far so good, I love it! It give my hair a extra boost and a salon like finish. I feel it also leaves my hair less frizzy and alot more sleek. My sister and brother both picked me up some Yankee Candles so I'm stocked up on my all time favourites, Christmas Cookie and Christmas Cupcake for a while to come. If you haven't tried either of these scents I recommend them both, even though they are in fact Christmas candles I'd happily burn them all year round. I know most of the festive Yankee Candle stock goes on stock around this time so it's definitely worth popping into your local store to see if you can pick them up for a relatively cheaper price. From experience I know these candles can be ridiculously expensive. so all these will definitely last me well in 2013. Before I finishing ranting about Yankee Candles I better mention the one my Mom gave me, it would be rude to leave it out. It's their Chocolate Layer Cake candle which is from the new Eat Deserts First range (crazy name I know) . It smells amazing, if chocolatey scents aren't your thing then this definitely isn't going to be one for you. Another thing that I love about this candle is the gorgeous packaging, the nicely trimmed lid makes it look like something you'd find in a Bakery. Besides beauty products, I also got alot of new books to read. I love nothing more than sitting down with a good book over the Winter months, what else would I be doing in this horrible weather! I got a good assortment of books which you'll see below that I'm really happy with. I love the Pretty Little Liars series so I was delighted that I received the prequel, can't wait to start reading this soon. I've wanted to start doing book reviews for ages so let me know if it's something you'd be interested in.
My boyfriend bought me some gorgeous beauty bits which I can't wait to start using sometime soon. For ages I had my eye on the Chanel Holiday Collection eyeshadow quad and I was talking about it none stop, when we were out shopping last month he definitely picked up on the hints! The cranberry shade is so pretty and I can see myself using this alot. I don't have too many Chanel products (maybe one or two at the most) so I'm happy to add this to my collection. He also got me the One Direction concert dvd!! I'm a big fan of their music so I'm looking forward to watching this! My favourite member of the band is Niall, I just don't see all the fuss surrounding Harry at all to be honest. I didn't really get clothes as such for Christmas but I did get a lovely bag (from Mom and Dad) and Wintery boots (from Nan). I haven't taken the latter off since I got them, there just so comfy and they make me that extra bit taller which I need.
I got a few nice bits for my room from my Aunt and Uncle. I'm in love with the perfume bottle, it has a really old fashioned feel about it. I can tell already that this is going to be one of those items which will take pride of place on my dresser, I'm already making room for it. They also bought me these gorgeous storage boxes. I love the black and white design, I don't have a theme in my room at all so these fit in really nicely. I've put some makeup products in them already that I want to review soon. Lastly I exchanged gifts with my International Youtube friend Chie, she sent me over some gorgeous products from the States. I love how both sets she sent me are collaborations with two of my favourite Disney movies, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. I've used EOS lip balms before and I love them so I can't wait to try out these three. She also sent me over three Bath & Body Works Festive minis which all smell amazing. We need to get one of these stores over in Ireland soon!

This is a way bigger post than I expected it to be so I'm going to do a individual post showing you all what I bought in the Post Christmas Sales. I didn't buy too much so I assure you it won't be as long as this one.

Was Santa good to you this year? What did you get for Christmas?



  1. mmmm love, love, love the yankee candle cupcake one mmmmmmm!!!!! Found one very similar to it in penney's (primark) recently and it came in very cute packaging- a HUGE cupcake. It looks good enough to eat! Only major, and when I say major i mean MAJOR is that it is absoloutely miniscule and already 2 days later it's gone.
    I hope you had a fab Christmas and most importantly enjoyed it.

    1. I know it's my favourite too!! Aww thanks so mucn hun hope you had a great one too xx

  2. Love the boots and you can't beat a christmas yankee candle. x

    1. Thanks hun:) I know I love Yankee Candles too much, it's nice to have a couple to keep me going xx

  3. oh god it's boots are lovely. Thanks for your comment on my blog, would you like to follow each other? do you have blog-connect btw?

    Greetings from Austria.


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