Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Here Comes Halloween!

Don't be fooled by the title of this post, I'm sure you all already know Halloween isn't my favourite holiday. Dressing up has never really appealed to me at all. I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I've dressed up for Halloween, I can remember going out as a witch and a princess when I was younger, I know how original. This year some of the girls and I are going to a Haunted Farm in Meath this Sunday which doesn't sound like my cup of tea at all as I hate being scared. My sister went last week and it sounds TERRIFYING!! I'm not going to lie I'm a tad bit on the scared side about the whole experience so I'll let you how I get on. I went to a attraction like this in Florida called Skull Kingdom and let's just say I didn't last 2 mins in the place, I'm curious to see will I be the same this time.At least my sister came back alive which is the main thing as I know I'll definitely come out okay.

The two things I do like about Halloween that gets me by, is decorating the house and Lush goodies. My Mom goes all out when it's Halloween and she picks up the cutest decorations, we must have tonnes in our Sitting room. I think they just give such a warm feel to the place and my little nephew loves them too. He's dressing up as Woody from Toy Story this year and he's so excited so unlike his Auntie. My Mom always has two candles on the go at once, this time of the year is no different. I adore the two she's burning at the moment, Blissful Autumn and Candy Corn & Buttercream. My Sister picked me up the latter as I loved it so much in the store, it smells amazing and I love the illustration on the front. When my Mom seen mine she went to the store the next day and got one for herself and my Aunty. It's different to any other Yankee candle I've seen as it contains different coloured wax (orange & ivory) swirled together. If your near the Yankee store in Carrickmines I'd definitely pick one up as they are half price. At the moment I think there around the €10 mark which is really good value considering how much they usually are. My Mom bought me a little holder for mine which you can see in the picture above, I love it and I'll definitely be putting my Christmas candles in it. Candy Corn & Buttercream is always burning in my Sitting room and the smells to die for, it has such a gorgeous sweet scent.

At this time of the year Lush bring out their Halloween and Christmas collections which I always pick up a few bits from. I know I'm getting a bit ahead of myself talking about the festive season so I'll show you some of their Halloween bits. The Enchanter* is one of their limited edition bath ballistics for Halloween which smells amazing. I bought a few Lush Bath products when I was in Manchester during the Summer as I never get to try them at home as I don't have a bath. I remember buying a few of their bubble bars, Rose Jam and The Comforter. I was literally was on a mission to go to Lush and buy a couple of their bath products as I never get to try them not having a bath. I must of had a hundred baths in the hotel I stayed in over the five days I was there.  I bought a couple of bath products but the two I just mentioned really stood out for me and if I was going to buy any again I'd buy these. I haven't gotten around to trying The Enchanter yet so I can't wait to stay in my Aunt's house to give it a go. I haven't used Lush's Bath Ballistics before, what do you guys think of them? I really can't wait to use this as it has such a gorgeous citrusy scent and going by the website it changes colour as it fizzes which sounds pretty cool to me. On the other hand I've been using their Twilight shower gel* a hell of alot. I'm a big fan of their shower gels already, my boyfriend already bought me one of their Christmas ones (Ponche) which I love and I can't wait to pick up Snow Fairy next. When I first smelt Twilight I wasn't too keen on it, the strong lavendar scent was a bit too much. After using it in the shower a couple of time I've done a complete 360 and I really like it. It's a nice relaxing shower gel that I've been using mainly at night and the scent sticks around for ages. I love the colour purple so me and this product was a match made in heaven, it also little bits of silver glitter in it, don't worry it doesn't show up on your skin at all. The only thing that I'd say is if you don't like scented products, Twilight may not be for you.
Lastly seeing as I had Friday off work I decided to do a bit of a clean out of my room. I was surprised at the amount of clothes I had to throw out now, they are all miles to be big. This is a good thing but I have to wait til Friday to buy some more, I really want to get a new Winter coat I may have a look in Zara. I tidied up my makeup collection and made a little gift bag for my Sister with alot a products. I always buy new stuff at this time of year so there was no point in me keeping lots of makeup that I may not necessarily use if that makes sense. I'm hope she likes everything but I have a sneaky suspicion she will.

Do you like Halloween? What are you getting up to?



  1. Good luck with your winter coat search! I'm saving up to get myself a really nice one! And you should sell all the clothes that are too big for you on ebay...more money then for new clothes :D
    Will you be able to make it to the blogger meet up in December?

    1. Oh I'll definitely be there let me know the date! I haven't found a coat that I like yet so hopefully I find one soon xx


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