Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Personal Training Diary - Week 1

If you read my last Slimming World update you would of heard me mention that I was going to start going to a personal trainer. I've already completed my first week out of five so I thought I'd share with you how I got on. Before I started last Monday my Mum was ever so nice and picked me up these gorgeous beauty goodies from Nivea. I love the shower gel it contains bursting beads and my skin feels so soft after I use it and it smells amazing!! She also ordered me a Adidas Gym bag which I really need so I can't wait for that to come in the post!!
Since starting Slimming World over a year ago I hadn't once set foot in a gym so I was starting fresh plus I had no idea what to expect, of course I was beyond nervous Sophie my lovely trainer from No.17 put me at ease straight away, after chatting about what I wanted to achieve from training, we got right to work. What I personally like most about No.17 is that it's one one one, if I went to a gym myself I  seriously wouldn't have a clue what to do or where to start. The workout itself lasts thirty mins which is made up of a mixture of cardio and weight training. Having never done anything like this before I did find it pretty tough but after my first workout, I definitely got into the swing of things. Thirty minutes may seem like such a short period of time but it's so fast paced and intense that I'm nackered afterwards.

On Wednesday Sophie wrote me up a food plan that I have to follow and it's not that bad at all. The diet I'm doing is called the Paleo Diet which in a nutshell means you have to eat like a caveman eats. Basically if it wasn't around 2,000 years ago its out. There's a variety of foods that I can eat that are yummy and also great for my body which is even better. Of course there is a certain things I have to avoid e.g fizzy drinks, dairy products, salt etc. but that doesn't bother me at all. Over the past week I've been keeping track of what I'm eating by jotting everything down in a food diary. In general I find these really useful as it can show you were you've gone wrong or if your taking in enough.

My goal over the next four weeks is to tone up and hopefully lose more weight too. I'm glad I chose to go to a personal trainer as I'm getting guidance which I may not have necessarily got at the gym. I#m really looking forward to seeing what the next few weeks have instore.

Of course as always I'll keep you guys up to date,



  1. Ooh I'd love a personal trainer to tell me what to do and eat! Was it expensive, Laura?

  2. Are you going to combine the Paleo with Slimming World? I'm in SW, find it great.

  3. Paleo is fantastic Laura, its a complete lifestyle overhaul and you will 100% see the benefits x good luck with it you are doing great so keep up the hard work!! x

  4. So inspired by you Laura, keep going girl :D


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