Monday, August 19, 2013

The Last Days of Summer!

With September just around the corner, I've been trying to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible. Here in Ireland, people tend to give out about the weather regardless of what it is. When it's a heatwave you'll hear people saying it's too hot but on the flipside of the coin when it's miserable you hear people complaining that it's way too cold. What I've learned from this is that you can never please everyone. All that out of the way I have to say I love the Sun. I seriously don't think we get it enough so when we do finally get the odd ray of sunshine I never take it for granted. Both Paddy and I have been extremely busy with work lately so any spare minute we get we've been spending outside. Over the past few weeks the weather has been extremely changeable so it's hard to know what to wear at times. When we recently headed to Trinity College for a walk this is the simple casual outfit I put together which I think is perfect for the weather we're currently having.
Hoodie - New Look
Vest -
Shorts - Penneys
Aviators - H&M
Flower - Accessorize
Sneakers - Penneys

When I finish work I like nothing more than to wear clothes that are comfy and this ticks all the boxes for me. I picked up these shorts in Penneys at the start of the Summer and even though they are miles too big I solved the problem with a belt from Dorothy Perkins. My favourite item of clothing from this picture is my hoodie from New Look. I have it in Navy, Burgundy and Grey, I just think these are handy to have as they do tend to work well with any casual outfit. New Look is my favourite store, they have such a good range of clothes and there's always something to suit everyones tastes there. Not going to lie their student discount is pretty good too and I always take advantage of it. With my holiday to Spain right around the corner, I know the coral vest from YoursClothing will work perfectly with a lot of the shorts I picked up recently. There's lovely frill detail around the next which does make it kinda dressy and I think it would look lovely with black shorts. I have to admit I have been finding it super hard to find holiday clothes I'm guessing I left it to way too late to pick anything up. The vest itself in my opinion is a tad bit long which honestly doesn't bother me too much as I usually just tuck vests into my skirts/shorts anyway. Working in Retail I've learned that what doesn't bother me may bother someone else though so I just thought I'd add that in. My pink sneakers from Penneys (Primarks) have definitely seen their day I've had them for ages. They were less than €10 when I bought them so they were such a bargain. I want to pick up another pair soon as I got so much wear out of these.

Before I wrap up this post I just thought I'd tell you guys I finally got Instagram. I've had the same Samsung Young for nearly two years now and I literally only found out today I could get Apps on the thing. The phone may not be the best but it still takes fairly alright pictures in my opinion. I can see myself getting addicted to Instagram really quickly like everyone else that uses it, so if you want to see what I've been getting up to on a regular basis you can follow it here. I've already posted quite a bit on there already and I've only had it for a day.

What have you guys got up to over the Summer? 


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  1. Love the tights under the shorts! :)


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